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Why to donate. Why not to donate.

My life has gone through a series of unfortunate events, but you don't need my entire history to know my current situation. After moving out of home at 17 (1 year after I started the series) I've learned to fend for myself and decided the purpose of my life was to live it how I enjoy it most. The thing I enjoy most is making cartoons.

For over a year and a half now I have ran and operated my own graphic/web design business from home. I had no prior funding, I've had no training. And as some of you may know I've hit quite a few bumps in the road - like my dog Blizzard's operation (

Spare time in general doesn't really pop up often but when it does I usually try to get a bit of sun or play some games. The problem with making animations is you can't just work on it if you have a spare 5 minutes. With a production like Killing Spree 7 (which is due to last around 15 minutes long) it's requires a lot of construct and timing. The story itself is a tricky process I don't want to screw up and everyday receiving emails about it not being done doesn't really help with the pressure.

I said to myself "If only I had 1 full dedicated week, I'd be able to finish it once and for all!". I've had a couple of sponsor offers, but each of them have requested I use royalty free music. Though I tried organizing a composer for the final chapter, it really took it away from the Killing Spree style the previous 6 have been about.

The only reason I'm doing this, the only reason this episode will be completed is for the fans.
After countless amounts of abuse from some 'fans' harassing me about it incompletion and never ending dead line, it got me thinking. There might be a few people out there that would like to help the series out, give a little back to the creator. I understand it is my choice to make the animation, and I do choose to animate it eventually... Though it is your choice to donate. You don't have to.

Most people should realize $500 isn't a lot of money in this day and age. There is no profit for me here. This is literally survival costs for the dedicated week (maybe 2) of working every day on this animation and completing it.

That's all I really have to say, and honestly that's all I can say. It's my situation and if you want the episode that bad, help a brother out!

Sam Green

All Characters, Story and Animation is © Copyright 2003-2011 Sam Green
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