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About the Series
Killing Spree is a plot driven action packed animation series using the character form of stick figures. Not the traditional stick figures you may be used to... These stick figures have eyes, mouths and characteristic features like hats and hair.

The story reveals a troubled young man at the age of 17 stumbling across a Fortune Telling Gypsy (Glenda) after walking home from work. Without revealing too much of his past, he’s given 1 day to do whatever he wants. He decides to let loose and reek havoc on the world. Our main character Jase is torn into realising the consequences of his actions after losing his friend and causing a death to a very angry powerful policeman is then forced to account for his actions.

The story is based on freedom, responsibility and accountability. How the story ends could either bring great sorrow and sadness or could possibly be brought back to normal. Only the final episode will reveal the true ending.

History of Production
Back in 2003 I was sick of the pointless Stick Figure killing animations that had no storyline or plot and wanted to make something more... So I came to the simple conclusion to make a stick figure animation with a reason to go on a Killing Spree.

So I was tossing up between 2 ideas one, a Gypsy gives you 1 day to do whatever you want, or another idea that turned out to be pretty simplistic. I gave the decision to my Mother who I was still living with at the time and she thought the Gypsy idea sounded best. So you can thank her for where it’s taken me to today.

As the months followed it was the best animation response I have had and decided to continue the series winning my first ‘Daily 2nd Award’ at I work hard and fast on the 2nd episode and even released a teaser to gain some hype. Problem was I released the animation much too early, though the animation and action was a LOT better... the length and storyline was so minis qual the reviews weren’t that great.

So I read all the reviews and I took almost all into consideration and episode 3 was born. A combination of comedy, action & storyline was born. This was the real beginning of the Killing Spree series as I received my first ‘Daily 1st Award’ at NewGrounds followed by a ‘Weekly 4th Place’ which was really exciting for me. And due to the success of Killing Spree III I was then becoming quite popular and starting to build a ‘fan base’ for the Killing Spree Series.

The time Killing Spree IV (4) came around I aimed too big and was forced (due to file limits back in 2003) to break the film into 2 separate animations. The problem with this is that Part 1 didn’t do as good as Part 2. Part 1 was mostly story/comedy, and Part 2 was mostly action. A combination of the both may have been much better received. Regardless I still claimed a 2nd, and a 4th for the day and a lot of reviews after my fan based built in Killing Spree III helped me plan for the 5th episode.
So the pressure was on and I was forced pull out everything I had. 5th time lucky I had length, 3D, Storyline, Action, Comedy & Suspense. This episode far greater surpassed Killing Spree III, the graphics and animation, the flow and sound track mixed with timing and sounds was far above anything I had ever done before. And the reviews for the 2004 debut proved it. I received a ‘Daily 1st’, a ‘Weekly 1st’ and even a ‘Review Crew Pick’. I then set myself the bench mark and was forced to yet again out do myself. The pressure was on for Killing Spree VI (6).

After around 2 years of productions (due to life problems and growing up) I finally produced a 6th episode. As you could imagine 2 years down the track, competition to win daily awards would be much greatly increased and I still did pretty well with a ‘Daily 1st’ and ‘Weekly 1st’ no Review crew pick though it would have been close.

Since then I wanted to make the 7th and final episode so amazing so epic, but wanted to make sure I didn’t let anyone down story wise as this was it! No more retries with upcoming sequels... So the reason it’s not out YET is the pressure is massive and my struggle to not disappoint is high. If you’re interested in updates on the 7th, you’re in the right place. I will be releasing a preview scene very soon... it’s possible it’s already been released for those reading this.

All Characters, Story and Animation is © Copyright 2003-2011 Sam Green
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